Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Injen Technology PF7017 for the 2016 Chevrolet CAMARO I4-2.0L Turbo LTG Ecotec (LT)

Injen is proud to introduce the newest Power Flow cold air intake to our line up. In recent testing this kit put out 26hp and 26lbs. of torque . This Power Flow intake is constructed out of 6061-T6  Aluminum them Powder-Coated wrinkle black  to provide strength and a great style. Our kits are mandrel bent to provide a smooth air track that allows for maximum air speed. Handling the filtration duties on this kit is a large 3.5" SuperNano-Web Dry air filter for great flow and unbeatable filtration.  The SuperNano-Web Dry air filter dose not require any oil and is easy to clean. Injen Power Flow intakes come complete with all required hardware to allow the customer to have a hassle-free and easy installation.

Performance Air Filter:
This intake system utilizes an 3.5” dry, SuperNano-Web conical high flow air filter that provides unbeatable protection as well as maximum performance.

One-Piece Heat Shield:
The sturdy 18 Gauge black Powder-Coated Heat Shield Helps to block out engine heat. This heat shield uses factory mounting locations to help provide a fast and simple installation.

MR Technology:
Mega Ram Technology is process used to tune the MAF section of the intake to optimize the horsepower and torque gains well maintaining a safe air fuel ratio.

Mandrel-Bent Tubing:
The 6061-T6 Aluminum Intake Tube is Mandrel-Bent to administer a less restrictive intake air path resulting in smoother airflow and is them powder-coated wrinkle black to add a clean, sleek under hood appearance.

Quality Hardware:
Stainless Steel Band Clamps with inner protective liner and reinforced automotive grade silicone couplers are used to provide the most secure installation available. 

Dyno Results:

After hours of design and dyno testing This Power Flow Air Intake system was providing good power racking up  26 additional horsepower and 26 lbs. of  torque. 

• Patented MR Technology
• Mandrel Bent 6061-T6 Aluminum Induction Tube
• Stainless Steel Band Clamp with Inner Protective Liner
• Large Powder-Coated Heat Shield
• 3.5’’ SuperNano-Web™ Dry Air Filter

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