Monday, December 26, 2016

Injen Cold Air Intakes - Not Just for Vehicles! Episode 49 of SKATE EVERYTHING

We've been big fans of the boys down at Braille Skateboarding, and decided to answer their challenge to skate board anything by sending them an Injen cold air intake to ride. The results are here in episode 49 of SKATE EVERYTHING.  Enjoy!

You can follow the Braille Skate Team on social media by heading to: 


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thanks! from Racer Jasen Harmon...

To all my Amazing Friends and Sponsors,
First off,  I need to say a huge thanks to DSM Motorsports and Southwest Racing Engines.
Without them I literally would not have made it to this race.  Steve rebuilt my motor even though he was in pain (true racer - doing whatever it takes).  Dean and Mike volunteered their time to help get the new motor installed and running on point.  They even worked on it while I  was unable to assist, which in my eyes is a true act of great sportsmanship. They are all great friends!!!  

It was a struggle for this one down to the day we left.  We had no test time on the new motor or the new suspension adjustments we made from the previous races AT ALL.  It was a "break the truck in on the pre-run" kinda race.  Even with the lack of thorough prep, the truck took home the win.  
Race Day: I felt very confident with the truck, given the team I had backing me.  Unfortunately, on Lap 3 we ran into some unforeseen power steering issues that Dean, Mike, Bob, and myself were able to get fixed  for Day 2.  
Day 2, Start Line: 2 miles off the line we are getting caught by the trophy truck that started about 11 mins ahead of us, dust galore!!!  Half way through the first lap my co-dog is throwing up in his helmet!!!!!  My first thought is, “OMG, my harnesses and seats! Well, he’s in for a really long day because I'm not stopping !”  

Everything is fine until Lap 3: We are doing about 70mph, and we see a Class 1 car coming.  I pull to the left for about a 2 mile stretch, which gave him a complete right lane to go through. At the last minute, I realize he is bushwhacking on my left side.  Needless to say, my front tire met his back tires causing damage to my truck.  I will say, as much as it was an uncalled for and irresponsible move on his part, he saved it. I have never before seen the undercarriage of a Class 1 car at 70mph. There’s always a  first time though!   

On Lap 5 with 6 miles to the finish: I lose both power steering and brakes, but we limped in anyway for the win and finish.  
This year has been amazing and I want to thank each and everyone of you that chased my silly ass around the desert, and stuck with me even when it wasn't fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you...

Jasen Harmon