Wednesday, December 30, 2015

About Injen Technology : Nearly Two Decades of Innovation in Performance Air Intakes

For nearly two decades Injen Technology Co. Ltd has been an innovator in the design and development of automotive air intake systems. Injen Technology's history is a classic success story of a small manufacturing company turned industry leader of aftermarket performance products. The Pomona, CA based company has taken that leadership to the world stage exporting its outstanding performance products globally while continuing its tradition of innovation.

In 1998  Injen Technology was  launched on its mission to set new standards of quality and performance in automotive engineering. This new Injen Technology brought together all phases of design and manufacturing under one roof, which has proven to be the equation for unrivaled success - a company with more horsepower and torque!

Injen Technology has made it its mission to stay at the forefront of performance technology making only the best air intake systems in the industry. At the outset, Injen’s dedication to quality and innovation gave its products such a strong demand in both the US and Canada that in order to meet production schedules,  it became essential for Injen to expand and add a second building to it facilities.  This expansion continued as Injen  developed more innovative automotive products and added them to its catalog.

In 2003, Injen Technology launched the Super SES stainless steel cat-back exhaust systems as a complement to its line of air intake systems. Each exhaust system was equipped with the Injen signature style of slanted, polished stainless steel mufflers.


In the fall of 2005, Injen Technology announced the arrival of The SP Air Intake System. The SP Series™  was equipped with Injen’s patented MR Technology® launching the World's First Tuned Air Intake System™. Injen has since been issued multiple patents on its proprietary step down tuning processes that other air intake companies try and emulate.

Later that same year, Power Flow™ was introduced with MR Technology® and an all new Power-Box. This was another leap forward for Injen, launching the company from primarily the sport compact market into the largest of the automotive market segments:  Trucks, SUVs and High Performance Automobiles.  The new Power Flow™ product line debuted at the 2005 SEMA show and won the SEMA International Product Award. The Power Flow series has since received rave reviews from both existing customers as well key industry jobbers and warehouse distributors. While basic intakes merely force air down an engine's gullet, the Injen Power-Flow puts your motor on a steady diet of colder, richer oxygen. The process starts with the high-flow air filter's integrated Air Inducer, Air Stabilizer and Velocity Stack. Air is drawn in, stabilized, and pressurized.

The next great innovation from the company was the  Injen Evolution line of diesel air intakes.  As in the past, Injen expanded to meet the needs of its customers by developing in-house 3-D CAD design departments for developing its intake models so they could integrate with OEM elements, as well as adding roto-molding to its manufacturing processes to create a cross-linked polyethylene construction. This process allows for outstanding durability and heat insulation while reducing restriction levels for impressive fuel economy gains, more horsepower and more torque. The Evolution Air Intake system is the performance product designed to ram cool air where it's needed most.

All Injen Technology products are CAD-designed and built as 3-D models in our Pomona, CA facility so they can integrate easily with OE parts for the perfect fit. After an exhaustive scanning, modeling and design process, the Evolution cold air intakes are prototyped and 3-D printed for test-fitting and development on actual vehicles.


It is our rigorous testing and development phases that allow us to come up with so many "firsts" in air intakes:

- The largest SuperNano web dry filter on the market... 
- The first stand-alone air filter chamber

From this R&D phase, we move to the production and manufacturing phase, roto-molding cross-linked polyethylene from 5 axis CNC machined molds. Because this process requires the mold to be heated and cooled, it takes considerably longer to produce products than other molding process like injection molding. However the results speak for themselves in terms of heat insulation and durability, creating a cooler, on-demand air supply for your vehicle.

Injen Technology continues to set the industry benchmark for innovation, styling and technology. The Evolution line of cold air intakes also feature the largest Super Nano-web filter on the market, as well as features such as the built-in Filter Minder -- sure to become the industry standard -- that allow easy filter inspection.

Injen's innovative designs, high performance standards and quality workmanship continue to pave the way of success.
At Injen Technology we are committed to World Class Customer Service and unsurpassed quality and performance.

Injen has been recognized globally for these qualities by the industry at large: 

      2005 SEMA International Product Award for Power Flow.
      2010 SEMA  CIAPE China Business Development Conference
      Participating in one-on-one programs with China and the Middle East.
     2012 Export Achievement Award by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
      2015  Middle East Motor Tuning Show (MEMTS). 
      2015 CAS (China Auto Salon) award winners for Most Influential Brand and Most Modified Vehicle.

As an industry leader, innovator, and ambassador of the "Made in America" brand, Injen Technology continues its tradition of designing and manufacturing high quality performance air intake products for the automotive aftermarket.  We invite you to visit our website and learn about our company, our mission, and our award-winning performance products.  

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