Thursday, December 3, 2015

Injen Performance Air Intake Systems for the 2015-2016 Subaru WRX STi

Injen Technology  has shown you our EVO1206  Evolution Air Intake system before on this blog, but today we are pleased to answer all the requests for more details on this CAI and other products to give you the "complete package" - tuned air intake, high flow down pipe, and stainless steel catback exhaust - for your Subaru WRX.  Let's start out with the video of these three products below:

First is the EVO 1206 Evolution Cold Air Rotomolded Induction System. Each cold air intake in the Evolution line is designed for the following:
  • Dyno-tuned as a System for GUARANTEED SAFE Horsepower and Torque gains.
  • Officially the largest SuperNano-Web dry filter on the market.
  • The first stand alone air filter chamber for ample on-demand air supply.
  • Sleek and sexy design.
  • The first totally enclosed air box. 
  • Functional front air scoop that attaches to the enclosed air box to draw in cold air.
  • Designed and built in the USA from cross-linked polyethylene for outstanding durability and heat insulation. 
  • Durable stainless steel hardware.
  • Perfect OE fitment.

The EVO1206 is from Injen Technology - the company that was the first to tune cars with mass air flow sensors that came out in 2002. Namely the Mazda 6 and the Subaru WRX.  Although Injen has been issued tuning patents [07359795, and 07669571], other intake manufactures continue to copy the step down tuning process for air/fuel ratios. Injen has also taken it a step further by filing for 3rd and 4th tuning process patents for short term/long term fuel trim levels
[ 07721699 and  07757548 ] that guarantees you peace of mind.

All Injen technology products are CAD-designed and built as 3-D models in our Pomona, CA facility so they can integrate easily with OE parts for the perfect fit.  After an exhaustive scanning, modeling and design process,  the Evolution cold air intakes are prototyped and 3-D printed for test-fitting and development on actual vehicles.  It is our rigorous testing and development phases that allow us to come up with so many "firsts" in air intakes:

 - The largest SuperNano web dry filter on the market... 
- The first stand-alone air filter chamber

From this R&D phase, we move to the production and manufacturing phase,  roto-molding cross-linked polyethylene from 5 axis CNC machined molds.  Because this process requires the mold to be heated and cooled, it takes considerably longer to produce products than other molding process like injection molding.  However the results speak for themselves in terms of heat insulation and durability, creating a cooler, on-demand air supply for your Subaru.

Let's take a look at how the EVO1206 fits installed in the engine compartment.

Displayed here is the patented Injen Technology air tuning process. 

You can see in the video how easily the EVO1206 is installed, bringing you the horsepower and torque gains you want.

+26 Horsepower and +36 Torque. 

Check out the Dyno test below.

In addition to the EVO1206, the complete Subaru WRX Sti package includes the SES1205DP - 3" High-Flow Catted Down-Pipe.  This is a 76mm  Downpipe with a divided wastegate discharge & high flow catalytic converter.  Injen Super SES stainless downpipes are carefully engineered and tested to offer the flow that you need for your turbo setup. These downpipes are manufactured from CNC mandrel-bent, 100 percent 304 stainless steel to provide the additional performance you're looking for from your turbocharged vehicle. A non-catted down pipe is also available: SES1204 DP

To top off the complete package is the Injen SES1206TT - 3" to Dual 60mm Cat-Back Exhaust.  This is a 76mm full stainless steel cat-back exhaust with dual oval muffler and quad titanium burnt tips.  Features include:
  • OE exhaust replacement with high-flow, super-efficient piping that immediately frees-up extra horsepower and torque
  • Manufactured from pure T-304 stainless steel for incredible longevity, durability and superior corrosion resistance
  • The SES1205DP is CNC mandrel bent for smooth, unrestricted exhaust flow and reduces back pressure
  • Flanges are all CNC machined for a tight, leak-free fit
  • Your SES Performance Exhaust System's seams are TIG-welded for superior accuracy and a clean finish
  • Includes all mounting hardware and instructions for a 100% bolt on installation
  • Made in the USA
  • Injen backs your SES Performance Exhaust System with a 1-year warranty

Each kit includes high-quality installation hardware and instructions for easy installation. As always, if you have any questions please visit our website or give us a call at 909.839.0706.

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